Urban Ecology

Milling Cypress into live edge slabs.

Milling Cypress into live edge slabs

Wood Re-purposing

Live edge slabs are available as is, or for commissioned projects.  These feature-rich slabs are selected from urban wood debris generated by NEI operations.  Contact us for current inventory, or if you genuinely wish to order an installation, feature, or live edge table.  Additionally, our tree care clients are welcome to request projects re-purposed from wood sourced directly from their property.  This is a new venture for the company entered into with intention and consideration.  Clients can expect original, straightforward work of high quality.  Keep watching our Facebook feed for evolutions of this new offering.

Retention Pond Maintenance

NEI beautifies and maintains a small number of retention ponds, providing superior presentation of properties.  Clients often prefer our approach of suppressing invasive plants while delineating the growth of native plants in an aesthetically pleasing, ecologically sensible manner.

Ecological Landscaping

NEI provides consulting and applied services to establish and maintain rustic landscapes on urban residential properties.  While our work is tree-centric, we have a broad knowledge of how native Florida shrubs and herbaceous plants bring out the best qualities of trees.  We regularly interact with regional growers to source unique and superior trees and shrubs.  We engage in basic dry stone walling using stone from local and regional quarries, and also provide rough-hewn wood features with either pressure treatment or natural decay resistance characteristics.


NEI builds small sheds, tree houses, pet houses, and other outbuildings with natural timber frame jointing, green roofs, and other natural features.  The main objectives are meaningful appearances, structural integrity, and the potential ability to easily recycle the structure at the end of its life instead of adding waste to a construction landfill.