Visual Data Science Products


NEI creates or works within established geographic information systems with the goal of decreasing the amount of subcontracting necessary for a given project.  In addition to providing baseline services in this sector, NEI offers coded integration between geographic information systems and R-based analyses.

Our mapping products are standard with tree inventories and most Level 1 TRAQ limited visual assessments.


NEI produces high-end charts in the ggplot2 extension of R.  Working charts in Excell can be provided in cases where the client prefers more autonomy.

Tree risk assessment depends on a detailed knowledge of wind and precipitation pulses.  NEI codes custom local windrose and precipitation plots that are temporally parsed to show the trends in direction and speed that are relevant to tree manager needs.

Evidence ratios

Multivariate models are not plotable in two or three dimensions.  Decision makers can, however, compare different models by evidence ratios to see which is best, and if the next best ones add information that can be averaged in.  This approach is simple and powerful because it takes advantage of all available information.